Welcome to Polofitness

It is our pleasure to introduce Polo Fitness Trainer to you

Since 2001  POLO FITNESS TRAINER has been a big part of the Equestrian Community  for more than a decade .With our dedication and experience  with the elite Polo Players, Jumpers and Dressage riders, we have created a custom programs for each individual with high level of Training.

The idea was to be part of these beautiful sports and participate from the other side like a “Trainer”.

Our objective is very clear; we want to help our clients to achieve their highest potential goals. POLO FITNESS TRAINER does this by customizing each Training Program. We focus on individuals training involved in equestrian sports. Our unique stretching techniques and specific exercises will help you to achieve your peak riding potential.

POLO FITNESS TRAINERS are available to cover the different polo seasons around the world, so if you think you need our help,  we’ll be ready for you.

Training makes the difference!!!

Our Principal services

Polo Fitness Specialized

We conduct specific training for riders polo, looking through good physical forms a better result and understanding between horse and rider.
Specific exercises and training appropriate to the sport.

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Horse Riding

We stand by the incorporation of new techniques and technologies applied to training equestrian rider.
Looking for strengthening and obtaining the agility to sport

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Evaluation & Personal Programs

Through weekly training to three sessions per day, we seek the maximum performance level in improving their capability to reach the sports master or sports longevity.

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Online Sessions

We incorporate the new online training service where the user may have attended classes with a professional to make training paces at the time and intensity of the session plans personalized

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  • I worked out with Alex in Santa Barbara and was one of the key in the season to my success.

  • I was working with Alex in different seasons like West Palm Beach,FL and Santa Barbara,CA during the last 3 years, and always help me to keep in shape and improve my play, I higher recommending Alex to everyone that want to reach your goals.

  • The best !!! For everyone who want really be in shape.

  • Training with Alejandro is about respect and inspiration, he is not only a champion himself and knows what it takes to perform as an athlete, he is an absolute professional. The Muay Thai & kickboxing are my favorite exercise and are fantastic for polo fitness,reflex and concentration and a lot of fun.

  • Work out with Alex is work with the guy who really know about the polo players needs. It has become a fundamental part of my polo.

  • I'm always in action with polo, that mean be in a good physical shape possible, one of the key for this was Alex, who help me every time to get my goals. I would recommending Alex any one who want to be the best.

  • Staying fit is crucial for me to excel both in my sport and in everyday life. Alex's fresh and exciting outlook on fitness makes going to the gym something to look forward to every day. He has helped me to greatly improve my strength, balance and flexibility, the most important things as a rider. I would recommend his program to anyone!

  • One of my students gave me one of the best Christmas gifts ever, some sessions with Alex and Diego. I never stopped working out with them since. I enjoy a lot the way they make me work. Their system is excellent for riding, it combines all you need for it.

  • Working out with Alex has changed my game mentally and physically. It has become a fundamental part of my polo.

  • "Training with Alejandro and Diego last season help me have one of my most successful seasons in Palm Beach. They made me feel and play better!"



Agility is a necessary part of training for most sports. Quick reaction times make for quick feet, which could mean the difference between a turnover and a steal. warmup train recover callout
Although injury prevention is a relatively new science, the idea of warming-up, stretching and cooling-down has existed for a very long time. We are simply getting smarter at it.
There is no doubt that time spent on warming up and cooling down will improve an individual's level of performance and accelerate the recovery process needed before and after training or competition.

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