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We know the important of the stretching exercises and we are specialist on this. We support the polo players during the games and we focus in the preparation of them before and after with special techniques to stimulate the muscles and prevents injuries during the matches.
Even the stretching is one of the important parts in our work out sessions, where constantly we mix with strength, balance and coordination exercises. We use three types of the stretching forms:

  • Active Stretching:
  • Static Stretching:
  • Passive (or Assisted) Stretching:
  Active stretching is performed without any aid or assistance from an external force. This form of stretching involves using only the strength of the opposing muscles (antagonist) to generate a stretch within the targeted muscle group (agonist). The contraction of the opposing muscles helps to relax the stretched muscles.
A classic example of an active stretch is one where an individual raises one leg straight out in front as high as possible and then maintains that position without any assistance from a partner or object.

Active stretching is useful as a rehabilitation tool and a very effective form of conditioning before moving onto dynamic stretching exercises.

This type of stretching exercise is usually quite difficult to hold and maintain for long periods of time and therefore the stretch position is usually only held for 10 to 15 seconds
  Static stretching is performed by placing the body into a position whereby the muscle (or group of muscles) to be stretched is under tension.
Both the antagonist, or opposing muscle group and the agonist, or muscles to be stretched are relaxed.
Then slowly and cautiously the body is moved to increase the tension of the muscle (or group of muscles) being stretched. At this point the position is held or maintained to allow the muscles to lengthen.

A minimum hold time of about 20 seconds is required for the muscles to relax and start to lengthen, while diminishing returns are experienced after 45 to 60 seconds. Static stretching is a very safe and effective form of stretching with a limited threat of injury. It is a good choice for beginners and sedentary individuals.

This form of stretching is very similar to static stretching; however another person or apparatus is used to help further stretch the muscles. Due to the greater force applied to the muscles, this form of stretching is slightly more hazardous.

Therefore it is very important that any apparatus used is both solid and stable. When using a partner it is imperative that no jerky or bouncing force is applied to the stretched muscle. So, choose a partner carefully, the partner is responsible for the safety of the muscles and joints while performing the stretching exercises.

Passive stretching is useful in helping to attain a greater range of movement, but carries with it a slightly higher risk of injury. It can also be used effectively as part of a rehabilitation program or as part of a cool down. The goal of improve the stretching in the body is improve in the ROM (Range of Motion), give you the ability to move and get the better control in any sport.

Range of motion (ROM): It is so intimately related to flexibility that the terms are often considered having the same meaning.

That is, they all describe the extent to which a joint can go in its established spectrum of movements. A joint’s normal range of motion is determined by what that joint does and how far the bones that comprise it can move. So, range of motion also measures the current amount of motion around a joint as determined by the condition of the bones and the soft tissue surrounding the joint that hold it together.

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